What is creative marketing?


I'm often asked what the word "creative" refers to in the company name "Rogue Creative Marketing." Sometimes it means the folks I'm working with are creative in nature, but most of the time it means that the marketing work I'm doing is creative - and this term brings some confusion.

So, what is creative marketing?

Creative marketing is relational. It combines the best of marketing and creativity into one spot: knowledge and experience about business marketing best practices with fresh ideas and messaging to capture audiences and develop them into rabid fans. This practice of Creative Marketing is different from Analytical Marketing, which lives in tools like Google Analytics and deep in the insights of Facebook ads manager. While paying attention to analytics is an important indicator of ROI (and I'm looking at data daily), we know that brand loyalty is, most of the time, expressed without spending a dime. Having follower support is priceless and simply can't be measured by how much each fan is spending.

I work with a lot of artists and creative entities. In the case of an artist, their revenue per follower is somewhat limited. The follower can buy a physical CD or a two (for friends), a ticket to a show, a shirt or mug if they're made available - if marketing techniques are stale and sterile, they may make themselves to one or two of those purchase points because they're "annoyed to them." (You know what I mean - constant ads in their feeds, nonstop emails, etc.)

Creative Marketing looks for ways to make these followers fans FIRST before spending a dime so they will hit EVERY purchase point with reckless abandon and complete trust in the artist to follow through on their offering. (Think, "TAKE ALL MY MONEY!") 

Creative Marketing consultants take many things into consideration that basic marketing consultants may not. Here are some ways Rogue Creative Marketing is different from other agencies: 

  1. High value on product development and integrity: Is the product being offered of high quality and worth the money people will spend on it? Creative Marketing asks these questions so the follower reward is great - we want to contribute GOOD things to the world around us and insure our followers are a part of this.
  2. Building existing brand relationships: Think a merge of marketing and PR. Stronger connections to existing brands help followers in their lifestyle choices. If your ideal listener or follower is into a specific brand, you may find ways to interact with the brand either officially or just by allusion. This builds trust and gives confirmation to your listeners that you're a part of the tribe they're investing in.
  3. High importance on tone of voice and the written word: As nice as video is, words are not - nor will they ever be - dead. Are you taking time to be sure your emails reflect your unique voice? Many of my clients are creative in their own right, but when it comes to putting words in a blank Facebook window they have complete writer's block and opt to close the tab and put it off. Creative marketing requires creative writing skills to build a strong following. 

Bottom line: You're a creative and you aren't a statistic. Your marketing should reflect that.

Think you need some help with creative marketing? Reach out to me today and we can look at some options for one-time or ongoing help. I can't wait to hear from you.