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From the Archive: I think I'll Miss His Hair

At 4:45 this morning as husband put on his fashion-forward suit and tie, I followed him around looking super sexy (because unlike you all I look my best in pajamas and Einstein hair) and documenting the whole process with photos. Later, after a nap, I reviewed the pictures I took and I stopped on the photo of his profile in the bathroom. There was my husband. All spiffed up and alert, and excited, and scared. And also, he was pretty bald. Like really bald.

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The power of an unapologetic brand: Leslie Knope

I am a performer and entertainer at my core...that's what I tell people when I meet them for the first time. My theater training and background absolutely informs how I consider the world around me (like this fun fact: Did you know anger is a secondary emotion? Google it. It just might change your life!) Because of this influence, I often compare personal branding to good character development in storytelling. It blew my mind when this first occurred to me...a good brand is just a character! 

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