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Defining your brand through a story map

As a performer and lover of theater (which, after all, is just elaborate storytelling), I found the best way to know my story inside and out, backwards and forwards, was to create a brand story map. You remember those, don't you? The ones that your literature teacher assigned for every book that seemed tedious and unimportant? Did you know that you can apply this tool to your LIFE? You can! AND IT IS AWESOME. Here's mine:

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The power of an unapologetic brand: Leslie Knope

I am a performer and entertainer at my core...that's what I tell people when I meet them for the first time. My theater training and background absolutely informs how I consider the world around me (like this fun fact: Did you know anger is a secondary emotion? Google it. It just might change your life!) Because of this influence, I often compare personal branding to good character development in storytelling. It blew my mind when this first occurred to me...a good brand is just a character! 

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Social Media: How does it tell your brand's story?

As a brand, the most powerful position is to have your tribe of followers ready and willing to engage in your endeavors (so that they buy your product, let's be real). How much more will they interact and purchase if there's a story provided for them to be a part of? A story that they've been following and can't part themselves from? We all know what it's like to be unable to put down a good book...are your social media platforms worthy of being called a "good read"?

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