Brand Story Writing

putting words to your passion

You know you need the words to convey the purpose and passion behind your business or projects, but the mere thought of finding those words and arranging them in the perfect way makes your mind hurt. Allow me to take this burden off of you.

Brand stories will provide the text for:

  • Bios

  • About sections on websites

  • Product copy

  • Social media “about” sections

  • Marketing copy

  • Sales proposals

  • Presentations

  • …and more!

One hour-long conversation begins the process by which I write your story in the way you want it told. I will work until you are happy - whether that’s in zero edits or ten! Prices for brand stories depend on your specific needs. Please contact me to setup an initial conversation!

See some examples below of folks who have given me the honor of writing their stories.


Evelyn Taylor McCammon, a beloved mother and grandmother, was a true renaissance woman who was an accomplished seamstress, Southern cook with flair, and perhaps most notably, an artist. As a part of the generation who lived through the Great Depression, Evelyn faced many challenges in her lifetime but met these challenges with strength and grace. This inner strength shown throughout her lifetime by the many creative outlets she nurtured and shared with others.

Evelyn began painting in her thirties, taking art classes with friends as her children grew older. Her work sweeps across still life, landscape, and portraiture, all laced with her finely-tuned eye toward the world around her. A painting trip to France in the 1970’s brought a new wave of inspiration for Evelyn, and many of her impressionistic pieces can be traced back to that trip. Evelyn took great pleasure in the art of painting, never really showing her work to the public. Evelyn’s friends and family admired and remembered her as a woman who used her many gifts to make the world around her a better place.

Some of her work was donated to her favorite charity The Cabbage Patch Settlement House in Louisville, Kentucky, her longtime home. Art was one of her ways to give back using the creative gifts she was given.

Evelyn was no stranger to life’s sorrows, losing her son to cancer and having her daughter join her as a breast cancer survivor, but she never focused on these hardships. Instead, she used her creativity and talents to build a loving home for her family which would be a foundation for future generations.

Evelyn passed away in 2010 at the age of 93, with most of her art remaining with the McCammon family. Now, the family is releasing reproductions of her work to carry on the legacy she left behind.


There’s a certain set of qualities learned by being the child of a pastor. For Brenda Massung, life was built on faith, integrity, and devotion. But, as she grew up watching her father lead his congregation, she observed and gained the most important skill that now accompanies her throughout life: Shepherding. This act of love and care was put on display daily in her home and she practiced it throughout childhood - guiding and directing those around her with grace and sincerity. 

In 2005, Brenda married a youth pastor named Benjamin and together they started their family. Her natural ability to shepherd and lead was fortified in this new role as wife, mother, and youth leader - yet, life had some more things to teach Brenda.

It was during this stage of life that Brenda explains her growing family was “blessed in many ways that weren’t financial” and because of this, she cleaned homes to make ends meet - calling upon her Midwestern sentiments of hard work and determination. It was in this job that Brenda was introduced to Norwex products when a client offered her some cloths to try.  Brenda was hooked and naturally began telling friends about these cloths - becoming a consultant of her own in 2010 as she and her husband raised their five children.

A career change for Brenda’s husband in 2015 presented a unique opportunity for the family of 7, and it soon became clear that God was calling them to life in Nashville - a step of faith amid uncertainty. Now, two years later, Brenda and her family make their home south of Nashville as she works as a Norwex Executive Vice President Sales Leader.

It was working with Norwex that allowed for all her gifts and character traits, gleaned from years of observing and serving in ministry, to be woven together as she shepherds and educates those she meets. Brenda’s Norwex family tree stretches into the thousands, and continues to grow as she holds the honor of being the top Independent Consultant in Tennessee.

Throughout all her careers and jobs, it’s faith that has proven itself most evident to Brenda. From life changes to small mercies, God’s presence in the Massung family has strengthened their character and allowed Brenda to pursue the seemingly impossible - shepherding and teaching all along the way.


In Arkansas, most things find their origin in cotton. Cotton becomes the fabric that warms us around a bonfire, comforts us during sadness, dresses our table as we gather for a meal, and dances along with us in times of joy. It’s from this spirit that the Cotton Shed Market was born. 

Formerly known as Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall, the Cotton Shed Market hosts local vendors from all over Arkansas featuring antique and vintage farmhouse treasures. As a community market, The Cotton Shed invites guests of all ages to shop, eat, and gather with family events, Vintage After Dark adult shopping nights, and craft nights.

Whether you’re coming from across town or across the country, find comfort in the woven threads of The Cotton Shed Market.