Rogue Artist Website and Social Graphics: Piper Jones displayed on Rogue One's "Cockpit" displayed on Rogue One's "Cockpit"

In August, I featured the landing page for Piper Jones that was created as we prepared all the copy and graphics for her new website. The new site is now up, and WOW does it look amazing.

Piper's debut EP, Conqueror, launches on October 6th and now she's got a whole site re-branded especially for the album. This new brand is quite the departure from her previous site, which was gorgeous but very greyscale. In many ways, this album introduces a new Piper with a revived musical direction driven by her faith and a new-found desire to use her voice to encourage and inspire. 

Social graphic for Instagram and Facebook

Social graphic for Instagram and Facebook

As a Rogue artist, Piper is able to control all things on the site and her socials, so I came alongside her to provide written and graphic resources, including writing a new biography and taking her written musings about the album to craft her marketing copy.

The great thing about working with Piper is that she's very capable of creating her own graphics, and I only supplemented when the graphics needed a bend toward marketing. 

I'm thrilled for this launch - and honored to be included in the hype. Should you need me the evening of the 27th, I'll be at Piper Jones' album release show. 


Leslie Eiler Thompson