Blog Development & Consulting: Me, Too!

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Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to work with musical artist Terrance McCoy on building his website and running a marketing campaign for his debut album. Through the time I spent with Terrance, I met his wife Lisa. I marvel at this couple who have been through so much pain and yet are a couple of the KINDEST and most SINCERE folks you will ever have the opportunity to meet.

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Through the development of Terrance's site, Lisa began to express interest in beginning her own mission to not only share her story but establish a place for others to come and say, "hey, I went through that, too!" Lisa's experiences are many and vast, so her first desire was to start a blog to gather her thoughts and writings. 


Rogue Creative had the pleasure of not only consulting on social direction and content development, but designing this new blog and working with Lisa to establish a visual tone for her "brand". Lisa also wanted to have a message board on which people can communicate and share their experiences - designing this and integrating into the Squarespace platform was a challenge I welcomed and enjoyed!

Along with the experimental nature of starting a new missional brand that allows for elasticity in campaign development (for example: two weeks after the blog launch, the #metoo movement swept social media...and we were able to quickly jump in!), the great joy was to integrate purpose into the design of the brand and website. Perhaps the most precious part of this project was to take the concept of a lotus flower and infuse it into the design and direction. Lisa is a yoga instructor, and the lotus flower is known for its ability to bloom from the mud and dirt...what a wonderful analogy for a life filled with deep sorrow and hurt - but driven by hope and purpose. I'm grateful for this project and opportunity, and I invite you to spend some time reading more:

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Leslie Eiler Thompson