Concert Tour Production Art: Live on Forever Tour


Wow - this was fun. It was fun because I grew up listening to Christian radio, and I remember BLASTING The Afters' "Never Going Back to OK" in my room while I painstakingly put on makeup for the fifteenth time that day. So when Streamline Event Agency reached out about doing some production art for the upcoming Live on Forever Tour - I was all in! 

The fun part of this design was that while it wasn't a full on brand creation and development project, I didn't have much of anything to use to create the design - simply because the album art was a red background with this really cool black painted infinity sign. That was all I had - the infinity sign and a jpg of the album cover. I was able to easily pull the colors, but artist imagery and photo presentation had to be completely original.

So, I took the inspiration of the "painted" direction from the infinity sign, and presented each artist picture as if someone slapped their photos on with a big ole brush. The effect created a contrast of clean and messy. The solid red background with crisp yellow text served as the backdrop for a messy painted icon paired and images with jagged edges. 

Once the poster design was complete, Streamline needed some additional images - one of which was an all access pass badge design. It needed to be just different enough to distinguish the production team from the event volunteers.

Production art is exciting to me. Whereas graphic designers find joy in design from scratch, I enjoy taking the designer's original artwork and breaking it out into new pieces for marketing purposes like socials and printed pieces. Asking around to my designer friends - these are things they aren't fond of.

I'm grateful to Streamline Event Agency for this project!

Leslie Eiler Thompson