Rogue Website Development: Tyler Evick


Website development for singers is a special treat for me...oftentimes we singers have a hard time getting our ducks in rows for long enough to get a good website built in the middle of rehearsals, recordings, performances, etc. Tyler Evick's website was even more of a treat because he had some creative and challenging ideas we were able to make into a reality.


Tyler is a gifted and hard-working singer/performer in Nashville, and I've known him for some time (I'm still waiting for a concert reading of Thoroughly Modern Millie to happen so he can be the Jimmy to my Millie), and during that time I've loved watching him carve out new ways to be singing and performing. Most recently, Tyler had a performance of an original play, and it was important for him to get his website back up so he had a solid presentation for all those who read the playbill. 



I loved solving the natural problems that came up with a website like this. The first major problem we encountered was that the photo options Tyler had were very low quality, and the poor photographer's hard drive was recently destroyed - so we couldn't get larger versions! Tyler had two photos, but both were cropped closely around his head. But - all was not lost! In order to make the homepage work properly, I had to use some photoshop magic to extend his shoulders past the crop and build the background out much further. After some tweaking, I found that it fit just perfectly with the press quotes living on either side of his head. Plus, we were able to use the others as gallery images. Worked out just swimmingly!


The quotes on the homepage did create some additional custom work, especially as it relates to making sure the mobile site was responsive to the design. The quotes covered Tyler's face on the mobile site, so I did custom coding to move them below his image ONLY on the mobile site. This worked like a charm and made the presentation of Tyler's site strong and effective. 


Tyler - best of luck in all you choose to do and pursue...I can't wait to watch it all unfold, and thank you for choosing me to tell your story through building your website!

Leslie Eiler Thompson