Marketing Direction Treatment: Clean Your Plate Nutrition


I've mentioned before that I work closely with Becky's Graphic Design to serve her clients while she is busy running a business - because this is a LOT of work, right?! One of her needs was to advise clients on content direction. Many times, we find that a client gets their logo or website, and they know it's important to be in front of their clients and customers on social media - but they just don't know what to say! Or, they find themselves at networking events that should be fruitful, but they struggle with putting words to their passion. Some people enjoy words, others would just rather run a business. 

Thus, the "Marketing Direction Treatment" was born. This is a document that serves as a "rosetta stone" or style guide of sorts, but it has to do with the WORDS you're using for your business. "About" sections for website or socials, words to establish tone on social posts, hashtag blocks developed for different kinds of posts, elevator pitches, etc. These can contain any number of things, and every one may look different for each client. 

Leigh of Clean Your Plate Nutrition (website forthcoming!) had her logo updated and tweaked by Becky, and then came to us saying, "I'm ready to take the next step to get the word out - I just have no idea how to do it." Instead of offering to run her social media for her, we decided it would be best to give her the tools to discover social media's place in her business. It was a "teach a man to fish" situation, and we loved developing this product for her. 

I find that clients often look at a blank caption section on Instagram and get overwhelmed by the possibilities. What words should I use? What do people want to hear? What am I even doing here in the first place?! WHAT IS THE POINT?!? Big, serious, looming questions. This document we've developed serves as a first step for this. Leigh has commented that she has it printed out and it's got coffee stains, rips, and creases, because she looks at it and it guides her words. She is reminded of her business tone, purpose, and direction.

Leigh - you are an inspiration. Thanks for letting Becky's Graphic Design help you with this special task!

Leslie Eiler Thompson