Online Course Production for JFields Marketing

Original class artwork by Kendra Anderson of JFields Marketing

Original class artwork by Kendra Anderson of JFields Marketing

Did you know that the world of quilting is massive and bustling? I shouldn't have been surprised to hear this, but I was so excited to be told about the Row by Row Experience by a client of mine who has the creator of this campaign on her roster of clients. Janelle and Kendra of Jfields Marketing in Syracuse, NY have become dear friends and as a contractor for their company, I get the opportunity to work with some different and new projects for clients I never would have been able to meet otherwise!

One of the ways JFields Marketing serves Row by Row Experience is to create Facebook Courses for the quilt shop owners participating in the annual event. It's a good idea for these shops to be promoting their involvement in the experience through Facebook, but many of them fall outside the Millennial and Gen Z age groups, so social media doesn't come naturally to them. Janet (creator of Row by Row Experience) and Janelle began developing these courses, along with crucial involvement from Kendra on web and graphic design. I was brought on to do research and became a "producer" of sorts as I edited the online course videos and contributed as each round of the courses improved. 



Ultimately, this led to an original jingle for the series, and some really fun video work. Our favorite feature of these classes quickly became the portion of the classes that took place on an iPhone. When Janelle recorded the desktop portion of the classes, it was easy to follow the mouse to see where she were clicking. This is impossible on an iPhone. So I used software to draw attention to the parts of the screen to which Janelle was referring, and then put the video onto a real iPhone mockup with the course branding. Yea - that was a blast! 



Here's that fun little jingle I mentioned which I've named: The Quilt Shop Reel


It's always a joy to work with JFields Marketing, and as the year progresses we will be offering more courses for business owners unsure of how to use social media. Check out their website for upcoming course information!

Leslie Eiler Thompson