Artist Landing Page: Piper Jones

This project is one that is particularly special to me. Nine years ago, I was staring down my freshman year of college with hundreds of other terrified eighteen-year-olds. Our orientation group started a little conversation on Facebook the weeks leading up to the time we would spend together learning about our classes, getting some prep for school, and meeting our future classmates. One of the conversations we had was that we should all wear yellow on the first day so we would immediately know each other. Because I am a real-life Leslie Knope, I was at the front of this campaign, and you might not be surprised to know that I wore the most yellow shirt I could find for the first day of orientation. I expected a SEA of yellow. There were, maybe, five of us. But we were a devoted five. And Piper Jones was one of them.

A Nashville native (and you might know her from American Idol if you're an avid watcher), Piper Jones (not to be confused with E.J. Jones, the and is NOT the same person...) has one of the most powerful yet controlled, gorgeous yet captivating, and effortless yet trained voices in town - or country - or even the world. And I mean that. 

Having walked down the road of a musical project myself, I know how reliving it is to know that others are walking the road beside you. So I wanted to offer myself to Piper to make sure her website was ready to go for her upcoming EP release in October. The first step was to create a landing page while her existing website gets constructed behind it. The artwork she had done was absolutely GORGEOUS and made for great ingredients with which to create a landing page. She also wanted a form for users to submit video, so we connected the page to a third-party form builder with a file upload and skinned the page to match the website.

We will be continuing to construct the full site, and I'll provide an update once that's complete, but for now, go check out And also, if you have a story to share about how God has made you a conqueror of a situation and rescued you from something, addiction, pain, etc., go over and share a video of you sharing the story. Piper is collecting these for the EP release. 

I'm giddy with anticipation for Piper's future. It's her time.

Leslie Eiler Thompson