Artist Album & Web Launch: Terrance McCoy


Early in July, I took my guitar to a church friend's studio to get some TLC and while there, happened to meet a producer named Jeff Quimby. When I told him I do marketing for creative businesses and artists, a lightbulb seemed to switch on in his head. As it happens, he had an artist he was working with that had an album launch approaching, but he needed help with a website and marketing plan for the launch. Seems we met each other at the exact right time.

It was then that I met Terrance McCoy. One only needs to read Terrance's bio to understand how grateful I am that he's entrusted me to help tell his story. He and his wife have quite a bit of heavy weight they're carrying from life circumstances and it's that lifetime of pain that has led him to his first album release, Transparency. Telling an artist's story is not something I take lightly, or that I try to fit into a box of marketing templates and tricks. There are best practices to be sure, but there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to creative marketing and I see the challenge as an exhilarating one to take up as we consider all the routes appropriate for a successful artist launch.  For indie artists, the challenges are nuanced as budgets are tighter and strategic relationships are slightly less than an artist signed to a major label. This only means we can be more creative - not less!

First on Terrance's list of needs before his album drops in September was a website that doesn't look like anyone else's. I love hearing this distinction - because it means I get to do more creative things with web development. We built a video-centric site, as Terrance had fantastic footage from an in-studio video session they had scheduled. This project is very much an "introduction to Terrance McCoy," so inviting listeners into the studio space is welcoming and transparent!  Which is a good thing, because the entire album is titled "Transparency"!


When an artist brings their personality and convictions to the table, it's even more fun for me to oblige. Terrance is a native Texan from the Houston area, and as one might imagine, he has many friends and family members affected by hurricane Harvey. If you've read his story, you'll find that he spent a part of his life without a physical home, living in his car. This drives Terrance to advocate for the displaced and homeless (in fact, he is actively touring to homeless communities after this album releases), and the Houston flooding is heavy on his mind. For this reason, we added a callout on the website to invite folks to join him in helping these community members through donations to the Salvation Army in Houston. On a personal note, I am beyond inspired by the country's deep desire to assist with this terrible situation, so I was thrilled to include this timely project in the cause for helping those in Houston.



In addition to a website, Terrance had an extremely well-made hype video for the project and needed help to launch both the website and the video in an effective way before the album release at the end of the month. I built out a marketing plan including both digital and radio tactics for the month of September starting with the launch of the website and hype video, to be followed by presale announcements and ultimately, the album release! 

Terrance's passion for being honest and transparent with his story will only increase his audience and make him a genuine voice to be heard. This may be a strange comparison, but I've been watching a great deal of Princess Diana documentaries recently (as the 31st was the 20th anniversary of her death) and history proves that when people are willing to share the darkest parts of their life, others will respond. I am expectant that Terrance's journey will continue to snowball into a project that will touch and change the lives of many. 

Check out Terrance McCoy's website and #transparencyproject at:

Leslie Eiler Thompson