Rogue Artist Website: Tyler Clarke Samuel, a "Good Diva"


I think the word "Diva" can sometimes have negative connotations. I know several women (and I guess, men too) who are the GOOD type of Diva: Talented yet hard-working, gracious yet firm, and aware but have no trouble dreaming of the future stages on which they'll find themselves.


Tyler Clarke Samuel is one of these "good divas."  Not only is Tyler a coloratura soprano, but she sings in broadway-style productions and other commercial styles as well. I've had the opportunity to work with Tyler in a production, and not only is her voice unique and profound, but her precious personality and graciousness make her a delight of a human being - the best kind of diva. 


Building her new website allowed me to channel all the top-notch qualities of her artistry and work ethic into a digital presence. It was important for Tyler to show this dichotomy of pristine presence, but also a great deal of class. Font choices were important for me to get right, as we wanted to keep the site clean with strong imaging (the photos done by Bralyn Stokes were simply enchanted!) that communicated her persona. I know her sleek and mobile-friendly site will present her well as she continues on in her career.

Tyler: You are a rare find, my friend. Be the Glinda to my Elphaba sometime :) 

Leslie Eiler Thompson