The Rogue Ones Podcast, Part 2


Friday, we dropped a trailer with a special preview of what’s to come in the second and final part of The Rogue Ones Podcast. Today, we share the trailer video that tells you even more.


Listen to the trailer via Apple Podcasts here, and see compiled notes from the audio below.


As I received feedback from you after the first season, I took specific notes on what you told me. I wrote down who sent feedback, and reflected on what they did and what I knew of their hopes and fears. The common thread among all of you is that you aspire for REMARKABLE living. Sometimes this comes with risk, and that scares you. As it should. We were built to survive. This is necessary for being a rogue - because rogues don’t simply defect without purpose...rogues make calculated risks. They know the risks, they have considered them, and they take them anyway.

Sometimes the risks are financial - other times the risks are social. I know personally, very deeply, how shame plays a role in taking risks - how will I look? what if I fail? What if I start a podcast and no one listens and I look like a total idiot?! You see, friend - I’m 100% with you in this. :D

So in these final episodes of the Rogue Ones Podcast series coming over the next few months, I’m confronting these issues head-on. I’m asking guests of true remarkable rogue-ness about the risks they encountered, the failures they were met with, the things they learned that they only would’ve known had they made the leap - and for encouragement- the unforeseen opportunities they were given that played large roles in their success.

They’re magazine owners, lawyers, publishing executives and playwrights, momagers of famous canines, coaches...all following the winding journey in front of them. All very familiar with risk. They’re rogues. And I get to introduce you to them. A new episode drops April 5th, and if you subscribe to this podcast now, it’ll be ready for you when you wake up that morning.

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Leslie Eiler Thompson