A creative marketing studio founded by Leslie Eiler Thompson fit for musicians, artists, and creative types. nestled in the hills of Nashville, Tennessee.

I believe in careers being as epic as the tales found in Middle Earth, and I love working with creative thinkers. (As an aside, I call these types "rogue ones" and I appreciate them so much that I have an entire podcast devoted to them). The marketing  journey for these very busy folks can be overwhelming, directionless, and sometimes, lonely. My studio joins in these marketing adventures as support to labels, management, and artists to develop ideas and tell stories to build a career of extraordinary.

More about Leslie:

My father is a math teacher, my mother an art teacher. That explains more about my background than most things will. Growing up, I was solving (low-level…) math problems and using watercolors in our screened-in porch, all while singing and dancing along to whatever musical was on our television. I naturally work to strike a balance between chaos and order - and appreciate both a great deal - but there’s always a little bit of singing and dancing happening at the same time.

I got my start in marketing for creative types using MySpace bulletins and LiveJournal blogs to promote my weekend coffee shop concerts and tours. I've since learned that the tools may have changed, but the way people interact hasn't.

After earning a Commercial Music degree from Belmont University, I spent a number of years doing marketing management and product development in the Nashville music industry, and eventually went rogue. I have the great pleasure of doing work for artists, shows, podcasts, designers, artist managers, music businesses, marketing firms, and beyond.

I reside in Nashville with my husband and our adorably disastrous pup. One day, we will go to Alaska and see the Iditarod. But that’s another story for another time. 


In case you’re curious…

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