Put your yoga pants on and don your favorite flannel.
It's time to make (and eat) delicious fall treats to welcome the glorious Autumn season around a crackling fire!

Saturday, October 5 | 7pm

Address to come via email upon RSVP



The Story

When Pinterest exploded around 2010, we all began pinning delicious treats that we were "totally going to make" at some point. But we never did. I realized this travesty in the summer of 2012, when I had my first kitchen and had all the means to make goodies, but found I never did. So, I set aside the first Saturday in October to make all the amazing fall treats I wanted. I immediately decided this would be an annual celebration to mark the coming of the most glorious season of all. 

The second year felt a little lonesome as my husband and I sat around the table with way more food than we could eat. It was then decided that this day would be open to anyone interested to revel in its excitement.

So, on the first Saturday in October -following Friday's official grocery shopping trip - I awaken and seek out a delicious breakfast with my loved one(s) (some travel from out of town for this event) - consisting of pumpkin pancakes, of course. When I return home, the official Pumpkin Candle is lit - a beacon of hope for those of us who struggled to exist in the summer months. Then I get to work making some staples for the day: chili, chicken dumplings, apple pie, etc.

In the afternoon, I open my doors (as the most amazing autumn smells waft from within) to friends as we make even more goodies (some bring their recipes and make them in my kitchen with the help of others) in preparation for a bonfire dinner that evening. You've Got Mail plays in the background, accompanied by a finely-tuned Fall Welcome Weekend playlist, and yoga pants are the uniform of choice. At long last, summer has moved on and we celebrate fall's entrance full-throttle.

AND for the first time ever we’ll have YouTube karaoke to set the festive mood. So it’s turned into a house show, of sorts. As things are oft to do in this fine city of Nashville.

I do hope you’ll be able to join us.

What I'll Have:

  • Coffee, chili, and hot cider

  • Glorious Fall candles

  • You've Got Mail playing on the TV

  • Couches

What to bring:

  • Your favorite fall treat (pie, cookies, whatever means “fall” to you) OR

  • A chili/soup in a crockpot


Youtube karaoke


You coming?

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