Rogue #4: Abigail Flowers, Vocalist


Music is a beautiful thing. Perhaps you enjoy it yourself - most of us do. The conversation I feature on the podcast today is one with the one and only Abigail (York) Flowers. Abi is a vocalist in Nashville with skills in a great many areas, one of which is jazz. Abi has had a long journey with music in her short years, and we touch on the trouble and circumstances of this creative venture - especially in a world like jazz music.

Abi hasn't always sung, in fact, she grew up singing gospel, and often plays adorable love songs with her Ukulele. FUN FACT: Abi played at the reception at my wedding with her Ukulele and a small band. I asked her to do this after I heard her sing this song. It was just the thing my barn wedding reception needed. And it was magical.

You're in for an even more special treat as an esteemed Rogue email follower. Abi has a new EP releasing soon - it's not even finished yet. But just for you today, Abi is gifting this "pre-release bootleg" song for you fall in love with this weekend. 

Download this song here!

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