Rogue #18: Bill Cakmis, Performance Coach

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Rogue #18: Bill Cakmis

Performance Coach

Bill Cakmis is just about the only person doing what he does in the country. He works with top-tier talent from new anchors to celebrities to athletes to make them better for their job. That may sound vague, and that would be because what he does is rather abstract. You might call him a talent coach. You might call him a therapist. You might call him a mentor. Truth be told, he’s all of these things. And because of the caliber of people he’s coached over the years, he has a wealth of understanding of the human spirit and how to embolden it for fruitful living. 

I want to share my favorite quote from this episode. This is a great example of the things you’ll hear over the course of the next few moments. Bill says, “It’s not about obtaining the goal. It’s about having the goal. Mastery is a journey, it’s not a destination.”

So my friend, if this resonates with you, I think this episode will be an ointment to your wounded soul!

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