Rogue #17: Kyle Saylors, Film director & producer

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Rogue #17: Kyle Saylors

Film director & producer


The guest you’ll hear today epitomizes what a rogue is - it’s someone who’s driven by a sense of purpose, and who knows that in order to do good and meaningful work, failure is bound to happen. Kyle Saylors, this Texan-born, self-proclaimed “shy Kid,” is a highly-successful film director and producer, working with the likes of Master P, The Dallas Cowboys, Steve Wonder, and many many more.

In recent years, Kyle has become one of country’s best connectors of creative persons. His “networking group” (if you want to call it that), Dinner with Dreamers (check out the Huff Post article), acts as a surprise dinner a few times a month where the location and guest is often kept a secret until the last minute. He’s a believer in just trying things, and he’s tried many things that have failed. BUT - he’s tried many things that have not, and some of these projects have snowballed into greater things that he couldn’t have even imagined. 

So, I invite you to sit back and relax, because this conversation is so chill - Kyle’s southern draw and storytelling style slows things down a bit…in the best way. 

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