Rogue #16: Pete Peterson, author/playwright/Executive Director & Founder of The Rabbit Room

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Rogue #16: A.S. Pete Peterson

Author, Playwright,
Executive Director & co-founder of The Rabbit Room


Pete Peterson spent early adolescence as an air traffic controller in the Marine Corps, which set in motion his ability to manage and direct many things at once. Pete, whose pen name is A.S. Peterson, is not only a successful author and playwright, but he sits as executive director of The Rabbit Room - an organization he founded with his brother, singer/songwriter and fellow author Andrew Peterson.

Pete is the quintessential rogue that this series aims to humanize - he’s got many fires burning, and all of them are good, meaningful, and successful. However, he’s able to point to failures, unforeseen opportunities, and insecurities that have ultimately made his story more remarkable. This episode is for the rogue ones struggling with being pigeon-holed, for those who don’t think their many interests can ever be equally as valid, and for anyone looking to produce work with purpose.

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