Rogue #8: Brandon Hays, Touring Drummer and Tour Manager


Rogue Ones often bump up against the confines of reality. We would love to run away to join the circus, but you know, it's nice to eat...right?

Brandon Hays knows this reality all too well, and yet, has found ways to feed and grow his passions while still making a living within the bounds of his expertise and interests. Brandon is based in Nashville and is a drummer and tour manager for major artists like Andrew Peterson, Audrey Assad, and Fernando Ortega.

We sat in an attic studio on music row (mere feet from Oceanway) and found ourselves in tears at several moments in our conversation. Brandon showed up with his heart and humbly shared it with me. One of the most raw moments was when he reflected on his first time on stage at the Ryman for Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God tour (I was actually there for that moment). His story made tears appear in my eyes - a lot of them. 

We also talk jambalaya, how amazing spouses are, and how whiteboards are the #1 tool for rogues everywhere.

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