Rogue #9: Jim Wendler, Strength Training & Powerlifting Icon

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Rogue #9: Jim Wendler

powerlifting icon / Creator of 5/3/1


I am married to someone who is my polar opposite, and because of this, I’ve been fortunate to learn about many new cultures during our almost-decade of relationship. Perhaps the most powerful (pun intended) culture he’s introduced me to is the wide, wonderful world of strength training, power lifting, and strongman. I’ve found that within this culture are some of the most fascinating and rogueish people one may ever encounter. 

Best known for his 5/3/1 program, Jim Wendler is an ICON in the world of strength training and powerlifting. To put his legacy into perspective, his first powerlifting program book written in 2011 has sold over 500,000 copies. Each book goes for $25. Since then, he’s released three more books on the 5/3/1 variation to the same acclaim.

Jim has chosen to live a frugal life, so much so that he is able to be a full-time volunteer football coach in his rural Ohio community. 

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Humans are hard-wired to survive - to live as easily as possible. To get from point A to point B with as little stress as possible. Or at least - that’s how we think life should be. But some of us decide we don’t want to live that way.

My name is Leslie Eiler Thompson and I am the host and creator of The Rogue Ones podcast, in which I curate conversations with extraordinary folks doing fascinating things - fearlessly living remarkable lives and deciding a straight path from point A to point B is boring. They’re going rogue. 

In his book Outliers, Malcom Gladwell suggests that “Success is not a random act. It arises out of a predictable and powerful set of circumstances and opportunities.” 

These rogues, all successful in their varied fields, openly share stories of failure, success, insecurity, lucky-breaks…and they are hand-picked for those who listen to the podcast series, desperately wishing to live with a bend toward the remarkable.

It’s my supposition that the most remarkable among us have found ways to bring their circumstances, character traits, and values together to build extraordinary realities. These people fascinate me - and I bet they fascinate you, too. By hearing these stories, we can adopt a rogue lifestyle with a bend toward the remarkable.

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