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It’s my supposition that the most remarkable among us have found ways to bring their circumstances, character traits, and values together to build extraordinary realities. These people fascinate me - and I bet they fascinate you, too. By hearing these stories, we can adopt a rogue lifestyle with a bend toward the remarkable.

My name is Leslie Eiler Thompson and I am the host and creator of The Rogue Ones podcast, in which I curate conversations with extraordinary folks doing fascinating things - fearlessly living remarkable lives and deciding a straight path from point A to point B is boring. They’re going rogue. 

This podcast will provide countless “aha!” moments as you make your way through your rogue journey. All these folks are fellow rogue ones - and they have heaps of wisdom and life hacks for you to borrow.

These rogues, all successful in their varied fields, openly share stories of failure, success, insecurity, lucky-breaks…and they are hand-picked for those who listen to the podcast series, desperately wishing to live with a bend toward the remarkable.

This series lies in no-man’s land between a entrepreneurship and human interest podcast. Sometimes my remarkable guests want to talk business, sometimes they want to talk life. All of them want to share wisdom and encourage us to live remarkably while doing the things we are led toward. 

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The morning #covfefe routine is almost a ritual, especially when days ahead consist of journeys on paths of the unknown. Surely Jyn and Cassian each had a strong cup of coffee poured into their Rogue mugs. Otherwise the Death Star plans never would've made it into the hands of the rebellion. Be encouraged on your journey, Rogue One - the rebellion is relying on you. (Want both the mug AND the super awesome Rogue t-shirt? Check out the Ultimate Rogue Package for a low bundled price!)

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I always go for the underdog or the rogue or the rebel.
- Vanessa Kirby (Actress, The Crown)

Us too, Margaret. This is for the roguest among us. A hat for the journey. Intentionally distressed in honor of all the things you’ll go through.

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