Rogue #14: Kaitlyn Kirby, Mini Magazine

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Rogue #14: Kaitlyn Kirby

Founder/Editor-in-chief Mini Magazine


While a junior in college, Kaitlyn Kirby was given a typical class assignment that led to the birth of an idea. Mere months later, Kaitlyn was on a flight in the early morning hours to Los Angeles for a cover shoot, and back in her bed in Wisconsin by 10:00pm. That whirlwind trip kicked off the rest of her career as founder and editor-in-chief of Mini Magazine, and with covers featuring Courtney Kardashian, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Haylie Duff, Tiffani Thiessen, Mario Lopez AND MORE - Kaitlyn’s budding idea gave way to a remarkable career of extraordinary measures.

In addition to building an empire with TWO successful magazines, Kaitlyn has become a mother in recent years and works to balance this new role with her convictions to spend the adequate amount of time on her dreams.

In this conversation, two practices come up multiple times that will stick with you after you listen. First, explore your curiosity: this allows for interesting ideas to be born and for newfound problems to be solved. And second, JUST ASK. You never EVER know what will come from just ASKING. Listen for these things as you digest this episode - you might find the courage to send a few of those emails you’ve been too scared to let fly.

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