Rogue #15: Paul Cardall, 6x Billboard #1 Pianist, Heart transplant recipient

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Rogue #15: Paul Cardall

6-time Billboard #1 Pianist, Heart transplant recipient


Today’s guest is a man whose music had garnered 6 #1 albums on the Billboard charts, and more than 2 billion lifetime digital streams. His music is streamed over 25 million times each month. His name is Paul Cardall, and it’s his incredible story that leads this remarkable career. 

Paul was born with congenital heart disease, and it can be rare for babies to live very long with this condition. Paul wasn’t expected to live past 24 hours. But he did. Then it wasn’t expected for him to live past 6 months. But, he did. He kept defying the doctor’s predictions, and it was through these experiences that he developed a sense of purpose. This purpose has been confirmed over and over again in Paul’s life, especially when he was put on the heart transplant list and waited for over a year - facing the heavy burden that in order for his life to continue, someone else’s life must end. 

Paul views his work as a calling - and when one is called, going through the difficult circumstances and details isn’t a chore. You’re led by the purpose of the life to which you’ve been called. Paul’s spiritual faith is deeply rooted and rich, and it’s this belief in a higher purpose that drives his music making. 

You’ll have the privilege of hearing a couple of his compositions as we talk about their significance in his life. Here are links to buy them:


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