Rogue #13: Justin Sievert, Rogue Lawyer

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Rogue #13: Justin Sievert

Rogue Lawyer &
2x World’s Strongest Man competitor


This episode is for the entrepreneurs out there, especially creative entrepreneurs struggling with balancing their creativity and channeling that into tangible goals. This episode’s guest, Justin Sievert, could be considered a “rogue lawyer.” The firm that he owns with his business partner (Sievert-Werly) launched 2 years ago, and essentially functions as a startup. The practice works with small to medium-sized businesses with an emphasis in sports and fitness fields. In this conversation, we talk about setting priorities, how to balance parenting with a career, and embracing failure without embarrassment. 

In addition to his rogue lawyering, he is a national strongman competitor, which is how my husband and I came to meet him several years ago. But, interestingly, most of his law peers don’t know this about him…this made for an interesting delve into why, and how it plays out in his interactions with coworkers and clients.

This episode is also for the DADS out there. Justin is has two little boys, and his rogue life allows for him to be more flexible in this role as his wife is also a full-time attorney. This is something he’s very intentional with as he builds his life, and we had good conversation surrounding this topic.

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