Why go rogue?


Exploring the successes and failures of extraordinary rogues is what this Podcast is all about. From entrepreneurs to those beating to the rhythm of their own drum, these rogue ones are defining their own path and we get to reap the benefits with them. Episode 1 invites you into the world of the Rogue Ones as I break down why a podcast, and what kinds of things we'll be exploring on this journey. I talk Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and more. 

To accompany this episode, I wanted to share some photos with you that will definitely be on the E! True Hollywood Story of this Podcast's existence. These are working cover photos for the podcast I was dreaming about starting over a year ago. The first EVER working title was: "We are the Storytellers." This was a nice title, but felt very generic.

Then the title changed to: "You Were Born and Then What Happened." while I still use that question when I talk to guests, I found it to be a really long phrase for a podcast title. So, I ditched it.

Fun fact: All of the photos are stock images EXCEPT the "You Were Born and Then What Happened" cover. These are my ACTUAL glasses that I wear in nearly all photos, sitting atop my butcher block desktop.


Ultimately, though, I landed with "The Rogue Ones" and couldn't be more thrilled. I also kept the Rogue Creative Marketing brand (with the glasses drawn by a DEAR friend) because it just suits the whole thing. Don't you think?


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Leslie Eiler Thompson