Rogue #1: Jordyn Shellhart, Singer/Songwriter


Jordyn Shellhart has had her share of successes and "failures" (though, we all know that failure isn't a word that's beneficial most of the time). Multiple cuts on big records (Kelsey Ballerini ring any bells?) and a Sony record deal are Jordyn's shiny, glimmering, "successes" but if we only focused on those moments we would fail to see a much more beautiful picture of success that can't be measured by record sales or radio plays.

In May of 2017 we connected on a road trip to see artist Jon McLaughlin in Anderson, Indiana (It's Gaither land - I was so excited and half expected to see Bill and Gloria waltzing down the sidewalks. I did not see them...if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it). I had just done music copywork for the orchestral arrangements of the 10th Anniversary concert of his album titled "Indiana" that was to be performed with the Anderson Symphony Orchestra. I didn't have any purpose to be there that night except I just wanted to go, dadgummit. And I wanted to take a friend. As it happened, Jordyn told me that album was a favorite of hers when it came out. 

One of the songs from the album that perplexed us for weeks prior was the title track, Indiana. He's singing about a girl, he says he's glad she never fell in love with him, but the other things he says are so vague - we were so curious to know what their situation was and we hoped he would explain it. Well, explain it he did. And honestly - it took my breath away. The "she" in the song wasn't a woman. It was music.


Jordyn wrote a blog after that night that explains how we felt much more acutely than I could in a single email - so I implore you to read it. She also tells his story in full. And be sure to listen to the song while you read it!

Our conversation was about lost and renewed dreams, and I can't wait for you to listen in.

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