Rogue #6: Monica Padman, Actor, Writer, Producer

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Rogue #6: Monica Padman

Co-host, Dax Shepherd’s armchair expert podcast, creative partner to Kristen Bell

Photo credit:  Rob Holysz

Photo credit: Rob Holysz

Georgia native Monica Padman moved to Los Angeles after college with a dream and an open perspective on life.

Through her years of consistently pounding the hot Los Angeles pavement, her work and attitude have led her to a fascinating place in the form of creative partnership with Kristen Bell (The Good Place, Veronica Mars, Frozen…the list goes on an on) and Dax Shepherd (Parenthood, Baby Mama).

In the midst of building a successful acting career, Monica is the cohost and producer of the wildly popular Armchair Expert podcast.

Listen to her story now on the Rogue Ones Podcast. Find the episode:

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